can pet odor make you sick

Can Pet Odor Make You Sick?

It’s a scary thought, but the answer is yes. You’re not alone. We’ve all smelled our pet’s breath and it was disgusting. We would never want to smell your own. Well, it’s no wonder we get sick when our dogs or cats are sick. The same can be said of cats and dogs. Pets’ urine can give off an unpleasant odor. The smell can be anywhere from a faint ammonia smell to the awful odor of urine, which can linger for days, weeks or even months.  The odor that has been reported here is called halitosis and there is no odor that will put you in the hospital or make you feel guilty. What does this have to do with you?

When you see your dog, cat or rabbit urinating outside of your home, it’s likely they have some sort of infection. It may be from fleas or a virus. Your dog or cat may also be sick. If you have a young dog or kitten in the house, it could be due to the mother having an accident. If you have a dog in the yard or the park where there are other dogs, it could be due to the dog’s prey. Sometimes the bad odor that comes from the outside can travel indoors as well and can make you sick. A strong odor is known to travel from one room to another and that can be a dangerous situation if you don’t have any idea where the odor is coming from.

get rid of pet odor

If you have pets in your home, such as dogs, cats and ferrets, then you could have a pet odor. This can be a very frightening situation as it makes it hard for you to live like normal and keep the kids safe. The best way to treat pet odor is to have a veterinarian look at it. If you suspect that you have a health problem, consult with a vet so they can prescribe something to treat it. If you think you might have a pet odor because your cat or dog is urinating on furniture, your carpet or any other type of fabric, don’t panic. Sometimes it will go away when the cat or dog becomes used to the smell and moves out. You can take care of the problem by cleaning up the urine spots. Or, you can take them to a company that specializes in carpet cleaning.

If the bad odor continues after you have cleaned up the mess and the cat or dog has moved on, it could be a sign of a more serious health problem. Look into treating your pet to see what they could have. If you have an animal in the house that urinates on your bed or any other area of the house, you should check for signs of illness. The best way to find out is to check the bedding, especially if the odor continues after the cat or dog has moved on. This could be a sign that your cat has an infection or some kind of skin problem. You can take them to the vet for a medical examination.

If the bedding looks as though it has some kind of mold growing on it, you should replace it right away. If you find mold, you can throw it away and replace it with new ones. If the problem goes untreated, it could cause health problems and damage to the house. There are a lot of other causes of bad smell and you should not take it personally. Even if it looks bad or smells bad, it may only be due to the bad odor and not a more serious problem. The key is to be careful and take the situation seriously.

Why hire cat odor removal services? If you have ever tried to clean up a bad smell coming from your house, you know how hard it can be. You have to take your time and really work at it in order to get it all out. You have to wear gloves and goggles in order to protect your eyes and nose from any fumes or chemicals that could potentially come from the job.

But when you hire a cat odor removal service like Apex Odor & Disinfection, all of that is taken away. Our professionals are trained and experienced to get rid of pet odor that exist in your home and take them off for good. They do a thorough job to get all the smells out and they often charge less than ten dollars for one visit. When this happens, you do not have to worry about having to go back because of the smell again.

You have to make sure that you hire a professional service that will work to get rid of the smells quickly so you do not have to worry about it again. Sometimes, if you do not get the smell out of your home quickly, the odor will linger for a long time after you get done cleaning. This can be very dangerous. It is important to make sure that you hire a service that will leave your home smelling fresh. If you do not, you might have a long standing unpleasant odor in your home that no amount of cleaning will cure. You will just have to put up with it and be willing to deal with the inconvenience of the smell.


Customer Reviews
Emmett R.
I recommend Apex Odor & Disinfection to anyone trying to get rid of any unpleasant odor! I was pleased to notice that they left our house smelling fresh and clean instead of smelling like harmful chemicals. The owner, Dan, was down-to-earth, friendly, and very personable - I was surprised to learn he was the owner of the company. Dan was not just on time, but he was out the same day the service call was placed to remove the musty smell from our basement.
Ellis J.
I rent out my apartment with Airbnb and the tenants had smoked cigarettes. I was refered to Apex by a fellow host and couldn't be more pleased! Dan was very helpful and informative and got to work right away. In 24 hours my apartment is smoke free and ready to be rented again.
Erika Spadafora
We had our new home disinfected and an odor removal after the prior owners had multiple cats. Dan was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and timely with his service. He made it clear customer satisfaction was his priority. Dan had great communication and follow up. I highly recommend Apex Odor & Disinfection.
Alex H.
One of our tenants was smoking cigarettes in his apartment without us knowing. Over three years he turned the apartment into an ashtray. It was so bad we thought we would have to pull the drywall down. We had no idea how to deal with all the ducting that was filled with nicotine! We had to deal with it quickly to get the property occupied, so we called Apex Odor Removal. Dan did a great job explaining the process and when he told us he could complete the job overnight we were thrilled (and somewhat skepitcal...) Sure enough, we came back the next day and it smelled fresher than my own home! I can't say thank you enough! Hopefully we won't have to deal with this situation again, but if we do Apex will be our first call!
Anna G.
Thank you for the excellent service! They removed all traces of the dog and cat odor in our new home. A+ customer service and quality. If you are looking for pet odor removal these are your guys!
Hailey Michelle
I had a very strong musty smell in my home and I couldn't seem to find the source. Dan was able to solve the issue and remove the odor. I highly recommend Apex Odor & Disinfection for any odor removal services. Thanks again!!
Arlene Ortega
Dan and his team are incredible! I recently bought a home that had a strong moth ball smell. Apex was able to remove the moth ball odor and return my home to a pleasant state. He is very responsive and will do whatever he can to get the job done!
Felicia Cushingberry
I found Apex odor online and spoke with Dan. He was able to make time to assess my property that evening! He came out the next day to treat our house for cigarette odors and had it completed that day! Now a month later... still no smoke odor, just clean and back to original condition. Super friendly service. Thanks again!!
Vicki Ivery
Thank you for all your hard work especially during these times, super helpful and communicative! Made my new condo smell amazing. The previous owner had smoked in it for several years and it smelled like an ashtray. I had no idea how I was going to get rid of the smell! I can't say thank you enough!
Richard Arnold
Dan did an awesome job dealing with the pet odor at our new home. We recently bought a home that had 3 dogs and 2 cats living there for over 10 years. The smell was intense! It actually made my son's asthma flare up as soon as we moved in. Dan came out and made the smell go away for good!