Dangers of Cat Urine Odor

Pet Lovers Safety 101: Dangers of Cat Urine Odor

If you ask, can cat odor make you sick? The answer is yes.

The advantages of keeping your cats strictly indoors are innumerable. It not only keeps your cats from becoming prey to some animal but also keeps them from the dangers of parasites, diseases, homeless feral cats, dirt, risks of running away, and much more.

While keeping your pet cats indoors has many benefits, this hack doesn’t come without complications. You’ll be finding cat fur everywhere; on the furniture, your clothes, and even in your food. Your cat may want to sleep on your laptop while you are working instead of his cat bed. It will probably also you’re your furniture more interesting to scratch than his designated scratching pads.

And most of all – you’ll be subjected to deal with the horrors of constantly cleaning up their mess and the litter box! Which, to be frank, is the last thing we feel like doing after coming home.

You may thank technology for inventing self-cleaning, fully automatic litter boxes. But unfortunately, those aren’t automated enough to keep your kitty from ever peeing outside of the litter box.

Dealing with cat urine is a thousand more dangerous than dealing with their hair. It can cause you and your family some serious health problems!


Cat Urine Health Risks

Out of plain common sense (and for those who aren’t blessed with it): You should never touch it or breathe it in. However, what you might not know is that cat urine has hidden dangers for your health.

The risks of cat urine also pose a mighty threat to your pet’s health. It has a distinctive smell, which is why they use it to scent-mark their territory to signal other people and pets in the house that they’re the rulers of a particular spot, such as their hunting grounds.

Below you’ll find more about the most fundamental and troublesome dangers of cat urine.

cat urine health risks 2

High Concentration of Ammonia

Cat urine possesses a high concentration of ammonia even before its crystallization begins. As it solidifies, the concentration goes higher, and as such, becoming more harmful.

Breathing in ammonia can trigger serious health problems in people who suffer from respiratory problems. Runny noses, itchy skin, red eyes, and rashes are just some of the very few side effects. Thus, cat urine is very dangerous for people with asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory issues.


Triggers Allergies

Whether you’re allergic to kitties or not, their urine can trigger a minor to severe allergic reaction even in completely healthy individuals.

Contrary to popular opinion, the airborne allergen agents are not found only cat fur and skin. They are also present in cat urine that, too, in higher concentration. Hence, pee stains and pee puddles pose allergy risks, and you must be cautious while cleaning after your fur family.

Please don’t believe that your kitty will be a saint and always pee in his litter box. Cats are cute little evil beings who can pee outside the litter box even if they aren’t trying to scent-mark their territory; they can do it out of jealousy, to annoy you, or just for fun as well (yes, the audacity!)


Tempts the Cat to Repeat the Offense

Getting cat odor removal services to neutralize pee and poop stains, especially from carpets and floors, is essential because urine stains tempt the kitty to attempt the offense once again. In other words, these stains act as a strong signal for the cat that it can pee again on the same spot or nearby. If your house is smelling like urine all the time, your cat won’t bother to use the litter box.


Attracts Other Cats

When your cats go into heat, they go crazy. Not only are they excellent little hunters, but cats in heat can smell your pet cat’s urine very quickly. Lingering urine smells can naturally attract neighborhood cats.

While trying to calm down your fur baby during the mating season is challenging, you don’t need any homeless cats breaking into your yard of restlessly wandering around the porch due to your pet’s pee stench.

We have no sly intentions of scaring you with these facts! Truth be told, cat urine can certainly be very dangerous. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be dead if you catch a whiff coming out of the stinky pee puddle your kitty has made outside his litter box.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you never procrastinated when it comes to cleaning up your cat’s mess. The sooner you neutralize the smell and marks, the better – for the cat, for you and your family.


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