Odor Removal & Disinfection Services
In Sacramento, CA

Reliable, Efficient, and Honest; Apex Odor & Disinfection has gained a solid reputation for taking a better approach to disinfection and odor control. Our eco-friendly, non-toxic methods ensure the safety and well-being of your family. It also means you don’t have to leave your home for days while it is fumigated with toxic chemicals like chlorine dioxide or ozone.

At Apex Odor & Disinfection we understand that our clients require the best when it comes to returning their home to a sanitary and odorless state. We aim to provide you with the best and safest odor removal done professionally without compromising your health and environment. We are strongly committed to bringing you the industry-leading odor removal procedures to create a healthy, safe environment for your family.

We cover a large radius around Sacramento including Sacramento, San Francisco, Reno, and Chico to name a few!

We specialize in remediating smelly situations in your home or office ranging from – cigarette and marijuana smoke, pet odors like dog or cat urine, and skunk odor to name a few! Most often we encounter property management situations, real estate transactions and homeowners with young or old pets. Whatever situation you are facing we’ve likely handled worse and would be more than happy to help you resolve the situation quickly and painlessly. 

We can help eliminate germs, odors and contaminants in your home, car or business today!

Dog & Cat Odor Removal

Whether you’ve got a new puppy, a senior cat, or a skunk under your house, we’ve got you covered!

Our expert odor removal team will identify what the source of the odor is, and, rather than simply masking the smell with air fresheners, we will efficiently neutralize the pungent smell – whatever or whoever caused it, leaving a fresh and clean smelling environment. 

Our professional technicians utilize specially formulated eco-friendly application techniques and the appropriate PPE to remove the source of the odor, which will help to prevent further associated health risks for you and your family.

At Apex Odor & Disinfection, we know how important it is not only to remove the cause but to deodorize the surrounding area to help prevent a lingering smell – we really do carry out odor removal – permanently. 

We make sure the contaminant is eliminated at the source because we understand that there is nothing worse than a pungent smell lurking at home…

Cigarette & Marijuana Smoke Odor Removal Service

Do you have a tenant, Airbnb guest, or family member who has smoked tobacco, marijuana, cannabis products or vape pen in your house?

These products leave a residue that is present throughout the entire affected area in your home, and removing it is often very difficult.

There is no magic formula that just whisks away residues and odors – this is when you need a professional touch for that odor removal. Because masking the odor with air fresheners only works temporarily and can pose health risks of their own.

And, covering up a tobacco smell with a fresh coat of paint without specialist cleaning first will not effectively eliminate the odor because, within weeks or months, the smoke residue will begin working through the paint and begin spreading offensive odors back through the room, just like before.

The only effective way to remove tobacco residue and the smell is through very thorough treatment using the right solutions applied through effective applicators like atomizers and thermal foggers.

Nicotine and marijuana residue leaves a thin coat on all surfaces from floor to ceiling including appliances, ducts, and furniture. It is important to ensure every square inch of the space is treated effectively to completely remove any trace of the smoke odor.

Once our technicians finish treating all surfaces using an atomizer we begin the dry vapor process. Which very closely emulates the physical properties of smoke to ensure that all no traces are left behind.

Rather than using toxic solutions like ozone generators, or chlorine dioxide (CLO2) we opt to use non-toxic solutions that we can apply directly to the HVAC ducts and visibly ensure makes contact with all surfaces.

Nicotine and Marijuana Encapsulation

It is critically important that the property be effectively treated before applying any paint.

We often come in after someone tries using Kilz or another “odor-blocking primer” to seal the smoke odor in the wall. The issue here is within a month or two the nicotine or cannabis odor begins to permeate back through the paint and affect the space once again. This is called encapsulation.

Once a contaminant has been encapsulated it becomes much harder to treat. Often even after a heavy extraction treatment (pulling the nicotine or marijuana residue through the new paint) there may still be some remaining odor. In this case the use of a true encapsulate may be necessary which is similar to apply a coat of paint over all the walls and ceiling again only this product is about 3 times the cost of normal latex or oil based paint.

If a professional odor remediation company treats the space first you can avoid the cost and headache of repainting the whole house!

Disinfection Service

In these unprecedented times of COVID-19 Apex Odor and Disinfection’s specially trained team is helping to ensure the safety and well-being of our community by offering comprehensive disinfection services using non-toxic high-effective solutions to whole home disinfection across the Sacramento area. We are able to offer decontamination services to disinfect a variety of sites, including homes and offices to help prevent the risk of infection. We utilize specialized equipment to ensure complete coverage of your property from floor to ceiling.

Our highly trained team, wearing PPE and using state of the art equipment, can quickly and professionally disinfect anything and everything Sacramento, CA… Making your home and business safer from COVID 19.

Hoarder House Clean Out in Sacramento

Hoarder houses present unique risks to our Sacramento, CA clients’ health. When items are accumulated too heavily in a property air circulation diminishes and biological hazards from human, pet, or pest waste can pose significant health risks.

Decontamination of a hoarder house is something that should only be done by a trained team to ensure the safety and well-being of your family.

Our Process

We keep all safety and protective measures in mind and deliver you a service that is:



You'll love how fresh and clean your home smells after Apex Odor & Disinfection is done.

herbal spa treatment leaves


Our products don't mask odors. Instead, they penetrate right to the source of the odor and destroy it at the molecular level.

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We work hard to ensure we maintain competitive rates within the industry.


Rapid Response

Our treatments often take under 24 hours; at that point, the treated areas are ready for normal use!

More Than A Cleaner!

From the moment you give us a call, returning your home to a safe, sanitary and neutral state becomes our top priority.

We are not a carpet or cleaning company – we are specialists in professional odor remediation and decontamination services for your home and business…

The difference is that carpet cleaners are great at cleaning carpets, but often malodors and contaminants make their way into every surface of your house from floor to ceiling including behind baseboards and inside HVAC ducts.

We want our customers to be satisfied with our work, which is why we provide open communication channels throughout the duration of each odor removal project.

Our odor removal work is carried out to a high standard using only highly effective, ecologically friendly solutions through state of the art application equipment so you can be sure you and your family, including pets are safe, healthy, and happy.

Denver's Top Rated Odor Removal Company

Apex Odor & Disinfection Competitor
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Contain safe and natural oxidizers.
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Most use synthetic chemicals or Ozone
Tackles odors at the source
Many use fragrances to mask rather than neutralize odors
Breaks down allergenic proteins in spores.
Particles are too large to eliminate spores
Dry vapor application
Wet spray applications can cause damage to surfaces and don’t evenly cover all areas
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Neutralizes particulate and leaves no toxic residue
Many products leave a toxic residue that linger in the environment

Customer Reviews
Emmett R.
I recommend Apex Odor & Disinfection to anyone trying to get rid of any unpleasant odor! I was pleased to notice that they left our house smelling fresh and clean instead of smelling like harmful chemicals. The owner, Dan, was down-to-earth, friendly, and very personable - I was surprised to learn he was the owner of the company. Dan was not just on time, but he was out the same day the service call was placed to remove the musty smell from our basement.
Ellis J.
I rent out my apartment with Airbnb and the tenants had smoked cigarettes. I was refered to Apex by a fellow host and couldn't be more pleased! Dan was very helpful and informative and got to work right away. In 24 hours my apartment is smoke free and ready to be rented again.
Erika Spadafora
We had our new home disinfected and an odor removal after the prior owners had multiple cats. Dan was incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and timely with his service. He made it clear customer satisfaction was his priority. Dan had great communication and follow up. I highly recommend Apex Odor & Disinfection.
Alex H.
One of our tenants was smoking cigarettes in his apartment without us knowing. Over three years he turned the apartment into an ashtray. It was so bad we thought we would have to pull the drywall down. We had no idea how to deal with all the ducting that was filled with nicotine! We had to deal with it quickly to get the property occupied, so we called Apex Odor Removal. Dan did a great job explaining the process and when he told us he could complete the job overnight we were thrilled (and somewhat skepitcal...) Sure enough, we came back the next day and it smelled fresher than my own home! I can't say thank you enough! Hopefully we won't have to deal with this situation again, but if we do Apex will be our first call!
Anna G.
Thank you for the excellent service! They removed all traces of the dog and cat odor in our new home. A+ customer service and quality. If you are looking for pet odor removal these are your guys!
Hailey Michelle
I had a very strong musty smell in my home and I couldn't seem to find the source. Dan was able to solve the issue and remove the odor. I highly recommend Apex Odor & Disinfection for any odor removal services. Thanks again!!
Arlene Ortega
Dan and his team are incredible! I recently bought a home that had a strong moth ball smell. Apex was able to remove the moth ball odor and return my home to a pleasant state. He is very responsive and will do whatever he can to get the job done!
Felicia Cushingberry
I found Apex odor online and spoke with Dan. He was able to make time to assess my property that evening! He came out the next day to treat our house for cigarette odors and had it completed that day! Now a month later... still no smoke odor, just clean and back to original condition. Super friendly service. Thanks again!!
Vicki Ivery
Thank you for all your hard work especially during these times, super helpful and communicative! Made my new condo smell amazing. The previous owner had smoked in it for several years and it smelled like an ashtray. I had no idea how I was going to get rid of the smell! I can't say thank you enough!
Richard Arnold
Dan did an awesome job dealing with the pet odor at our new home. We recently bought a home that had 3 dogs and 2 cats living there for over 10 years. The smell was intense! It actually made my son's asthma flare up as soon as we moved in. Dan came out and made the smell go away for good!